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Intuitive Surgical Free Essays

This paper will explore the strengths and weaknesses of Intuitive Surgical. This paper will analyze which leadership model(s) and practices would encourage innovation considering the global context of the organization. This paper will also assess how the information in the Intuitive Surgical case study does or does not exemplify the five discovery skills. We will write a custom essay sample on Intuitive Surgical or any similar topic only for you Order Now Lastly, in this paper I will assess the actions that the leaders of this organization took to shape culture and processes to be more innovative. The leadership model(s) and practices that would encourage innovation considering the global context of Intuitive Surgical Intuitive Surgical is a company that has led the country as the global technology leader in robotic assisted minimally-invasive surgery (Hoffman 2012). Their main product is the da Vinci Surgical System which is a robotic surgical system designed to perform urologic, gynecologic, cardiothoracic, and general surgeries that are much less invasive than traditional surgeries (Hoffman 2012). This company was definitely a leader within their market. Each of the different leadership models support innovation within organizations in some form or fashion. In order to grasp how, one must first develop an understanding of innovation and leadership. Innovation has many meanings, but on a broad scale one can say that innovation is thinking outside the box. Leadership is a bit harder to describe because it is best understood when seen. To put leadership in words according to Doyle and Smith, leaders often become visible when an innovative response is needed (2001). Now that we have an idea of what these words mean, one of the leadership models that would be of great benefit to Intuitive Surgical is the transformational leadership. This leadership model serves as a role model by gaining the trust and confidence of peers and employees. By stating future goals, developing plans to achieve these goals and displaying an innovative edge, transformational leaders are generally successful (Bass, 1985). The transformation leader gets its followers to transcend there own self-interest for the sake of the organization (Doyle Smith 2001). As for any organization, for innovation to take place they need caring people who are will to commit to the greater good of the organization, as well as creative people who have the capacity to turn ideas into practical products and services. Therefore, with Intuitive Surgical patents expiring in the near future they should channel the transformational leadership model so they can have a great chance of building innovators within its organizations. The second leadership model that could benefit Intuitive Surgical and help with innovation in organizations is behavioral leadership. This type of leadership moved away from who leaders where to what leaders did. If they continue doing what they are doing and coming up with ideas that make patients happy with very minimal errors, this companies acquirement of innovative employees will rise along with its products. How the information in the Intuitive Surgical case study does or does not exemplify the five discovery skills In The DNA of Innovators, The discovery skills are the new ideas introduced by the innovator who did the five skills of: associating, questioning, observing, networking, and experimenting. Intuitive Surgical did use some of these skills very well. The first one I noticed them using was the networking skill. According to Dyer, Gregerson Christensen, the idea networker, â€Å"networks to actively tap into new ideas and insights by talking with people who have diverse ideas and perspectives. † They used this skill when they decided to merge with Computer Motion Inc in 2003. This merge helped them to cancel out their biggest competition and lead country with their technological advancements. Associating, as Dyer, Gregerson, Christensen (2011) stated, â€Å"happens as the brain tries to make sense of novel inputs. Associating helps innovators discover new directions by making connections across seemingly unrelated questions, problems or ideas (pg 23). † I did not notice Intuitive Surgical use of this discovery skill from the case study. In The DNA of Innovators, â€Å"Innovators ask questions to understand how things really are today, why they are those ways, how they might be changed or disrupted (Dyer, Gregerson Christensen 2011). Intuitive surgical definitely answered a lot of questions by creating the da Vinci robot. With this robot they had to ask and answer a host of questions in order to acquire the precision of their device as they did. Innovators use the observing skill by carefully watching the world around them so that what they see can help them build ideas for new ways to do things. Intuitive Surgical used this skill also when they came up with their robot. Computer Motion Inc, who they merged with, was the first company to jump into the robotic surgical field which in turn means that Intuitive Surgical watch this method and basically grew their device from a Computer Motions initial idea. Experimenting is used by innovators when they traveling to new places, seeking new information and trying new things ideas. Given that Intuitive Surgical is a leader on a global scale, this company definitely did a lot of experimenting. Also, the fact that their invention started off being used for laparoscopic surgery and went on to be used in six other surgical procedures shows that this company had done a ton of experimenting. The actions that the leaders of Intuitive Surgical took to shape culture and processes to be more innovative Intuitive Surgical took a lot of steps to make their organization more innovative. As I stated previously, merging with their biggest competitor was genius. This move alone helped them to gain a comfortable seat at the top of the ladder as global technology leader. Also, taking the step to put patents on their work secured their spot at the top for years to come. This company has helped a monopoly in the robotic-assisted MIS market. Now that the patents are due to expire the company has had time to come up with bigger, better ideas that they can put into play after the expiration has hit which could possibly acquire new patents. That way they can continue leading their competitors and protecting their development for another x amount of years. In 2008 Annual Report Letter to the Shareholders, Intuitive Surgical emphasized that their goal is to â€Å"take surgery beyond the limits of the human hand† (Hoffman 2012). How to cite Intuitive Surgical, Papers

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Htc Assessment free essay sample

Internal Resources Looks at the internal resources of the company such as employees as well as the existence of tangible and intangible assets such as building and brand image as well as knowledge in the company in terms of tacit and explicit as well analyses the activities that adds value to HTC’s products such as HTC joining with firms such as Google to give them an better operating system through their Android system. Strategy Formation This section looks at the company’s available options to implement in the future. Strategies in business level as porter’s generic forces are used to see what are the possible options are HTC to survive in the market. It also offers strategies at corporate level such as the BCG growth share matrix which allows the firms to see where their products are in the market and also helps them decide what type of strategy to use on their products. Conclusion and Recommendation Recommendation has been made as to what strategy out of the ones offered that HTC should go for. The recommended strategy for HTC was a differentiation strategy that made their product different from its rivals through acquiring the technology and capabilities of some of the companies that HTC has acquired. HTC Corporation 1. 0 Company Overview HTC Corporation is a Taiwanese based company manufacturing smart phones. Founded in 1997 as a high tech consortium along with 37 other companies such as HP, IBM and Motorola, HTC has become one of the fastest growing companies in the mobile sector being ranked the 5rd in the world for best performing Technology Company. Best being known for its innovation, HTC offers a range of high tech products mainly in the Smartphone category and has also expanded into PC tablets. 2. 0 Mission and Vision HTC’s mission is to become the world’s leading supplier of communication devices by providing value-added design, world-class manufacturing and logistics and service capabilities with a keen focus on innovation (HTC Corp, 2011). With a powerful Ramp;D focus, HTC plan to come up with new innovative designs and products particularly focusing on the Smartphone category. 3. 0 External Environment It is important to analysis HTC’s external environment in order to analysis its strategic position in the market as well the opportunities and risks it faces. 3. 1 PESTEL Analysis The PESTEL analysis can be used to analysis the market environment in which HTC operates in, they include: Political Factors and Legal Factors * Due to the high tech nature of the industry, products from various companies are heavily patented and since similar technology is used between manufacturers, infringement of these patents can lead to very costly lawsuits against the company. In 2008 as well 2010, lawsuits were filed against HTC by companies such as Apple and IPCom claiming that HTC infringed upon their patents and demanded compensation such as to prevent the company from exporting their products into certain countries (Datamonitor, 2011). * Possible infringement of intellectual property in the future which if proven would result in large compensation in money as well as damaging the brand im age. Economic Factors * Since the company operates on the global scale and since most of their revenue comes from international markets, HTC would be positively or negative affected by fluctuation in the exchange rates. Due to high operating expenses overseas, such as high cost of labour and taxation, HTC’s operating margins have dropped from 19. 9% in 2008 to 15. 8% in 2010. However, these margins are considered low when compared to their competitors (Datamonitor, 2011). Social Factors * According to several report, the demand of smartphone have amount to 300 million units being sold by the end of 2010 and is expected to rise to 850 million units by 2013 (Datamonitor, 2011). * There is also a positive growth and demand towards the tablets market with an estimate of 7% of companies giving their employees tablets. Companies are estimated and be the main buyers of tablets and its total market is said to double by the end of 2011 (Datamonitor, 2011). * The tastes and preferences have seemed to change towards to smartphone explaining the rise in demand and the increasing global population would further promote demand. Technological Factors * There are vast technological factors with companies changing Operating systems of smartphones to more advanced ones each year. * The takeover of several firms by HTC has led to an increase in the technological knowledge of the company. Environmental Factors HTC faces heavily competition in the smartphone market facing against big companies such as Apple, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and LG. * Due to the intense competition, HTC had to reduce it prices of smartphones which decreased profitability. * Intense competition has led HTC to spend large amounts of money on Ramp;D to keep up to its competitors. 3. 2 Competitor Analysis There are several big companies in the market that are directly competing with HTC on the production and distribution on smartphones. The table below helps to identify some these competitors and their features. Competitor| Features| Apple Inc. | * One of the most popular and most widely used brands in the world. * Has a wide range of products including music players (itouch), pc tablets (ipad), smartphones (iphone) and computers (Apple Mac) * Has high brand awareness and social trend leader. * Has a robust financial performance with good margins * Has patented many of their technologies. * Keen focus on Ramp;D coming up with new products or updated versions every year. * Apple stores are located all around to world to provide services to the customer| | * One of the 2 South Korean giants in the field of lectronics and is recognised wide world. * Mainly operates in Asia, Europe and North America. * Has the most revenue from the other competitors, recording $112,803. 7 million by the end of 2008 (Datamonitor, 2011) * Has diversified business operations, producing a wide range of products from smartphones to refrigerators. * Deals in large scale operations * Recently entering markets where other competitors were un able to penetrate such as the Indian market. | | * A joint venture between Sony Corporation and LM Ericsson. Widely recognised and has a presence in 80 countries worldwide. * Has a strong financial position since it is backed up 2 companies as well as technical capabilities. * Specialises in camera phones and walkman phones. * Expanding in its service portfolio by offering users with application stores for their smartphones. * Has a wide range of smartphones such as the Xperia. | | * The other one of the 2 South Korean giants in the consumer electronics industry. * Like Samsung, LG is involved in large scale operations, a wide product portfolio and also a keen focus on Ramp;D. Widely known throughout the world as a result of many sponsorship agreements. * Have many strategic alliances with companies e. g. : Microsoft to enhance its smartphone by introducing new operating systems. * Records a revenue of $58. 9 billion by 2008 (Datamonitor, 2011)| 3. 3 5 Force Analysis Porters five fo rce analysis can be used to analysis the direct environment of the firms. * The Bargaining power of Suppliers The manufacturers of mobile phones such as HTC are heavily dependent on suppliers since they provide the software and equipment need to produce products. However, since most of the manufacturers are larger than the suppliers, they have to the ability to control negotiations. Suppliers also supply to a number of industries apart from the mobile phones industry, so manufacturers do not have much power as they think (Datamonitor, 2009). * The Bargaining power of Buyers The overall power of buyers is quite weak mainly due two reasons. There are 2 main buyers of mobile phones in the industry, network operators for example O2 and Vodafone in the UK as well as other independent buyers. The buyers do have some power in negotiations with the manufacturers due to the limited number of network operators however; this effect is off put by retailers having to stock all of the new products of manufacturers in order to stay competitive with amongst other network operators (Datamonitor, 2009) * The Threat of Substitutes The main threat of substitutes of smartphones would be the conventional 2G phone. The main reason consumers would choose a conventional mobile phone rather than smartphone would be due to financial reasons as smartphones are costly. However, some network operators are increasing diversifying into handset production which has manufacturers under some pressure. * Industry Competitors There is intense competition in the industry with a few large company dominate the market. Each one of the competitors holds their competitive advantage such as a high focus on innovative products from HTC. There are also several switching cost involved as well, for example apple’s sells complementary products with its smartphone such as their dock system which enables to insert the phone into the music system. Also due to competitive pressures there are also price wars that may erupt. * The threat of new entrants The threat of new entrants is quite moderate. It is quite difficult for a totally new firm to enter into the industry due to counter measures of existing firms as well the large capital investment needed to enter into a high technology industry. However, if the company is already producing electronic consumer goods, it would be quite easy for them to enter into the mobile phones industry (Datamonitor, 2009). Also legal issues such as patented technologies along with others make quite difficult for new firms to enter. 4. 0 Internal Resources HTC has many internal resources that adds value to its products as well as provides them with a competitive advantage. Some of these internal resources a company acquires may include: * Knowledge and Innovation Knowledge and innovation is a key internal resource to have especially in the mobile phones industry where specialist knowledge is needed to come up with innovative new products for consumers. HTC would have two type of knowledge, tacit and explicit. The tacit knowledge they would have would be the solutions to the problems they would have had in the past, since they experiences are hard to copy they provide HTC with an advantage over companies who had come across the problem yet. It also makes the employees who have experienced these events an important internal resource. However, this effect is nullified, if employees from HTC joins their rivals and prevent the problem from happening in the first place. Also explicit knowledge such as patents on products is very valuable since competitors cannot copy their products. However, most of the smartphone makers have similar technology and have their own patents, this scope is very limited. These both help in the innovation of new products but are very risky and expensive. * Value Chain The value chain is made up of primary activities which directly contribute to produce products and support activities which help with the production function and can also be classified as tangible and intangible assets. Value is added to HTC’s products through various ways. HTC had introduced its applications store after joining up with Google’s Android which has similar features to that of apple’s app store. Its introduction of the HTC Sense completely changed its smartphones into easy to use graphical interface system (HTC Corp, 2011). Apart from this, HTC’s many partnerships with companies such as Google, Intel and Qualcomm which provided them with user interfaces and equipment as well as its agreements with network operators such as O2, T-Mobile and Vodafone adds to their value chain. Other factors which add value to HTC would be its brand name and reputation. HTC is viewed as a specialist manufacturer of smartphones being the 5th largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world. Also its recent acquisition of companies such as Saffron Digital and OnLive will help it gain a better competitive advantage in the near future (Gray, 2011). However, since its rivals are also coming up with new strategies, so its overall competitive advantage will be lower. 5. 0 Strategy Option for HTC There are two main strategic options that HTC can choose from, Business level strategy which focuses on the stakeholders in a single market or a corporate level strategy which aims at diversification into different markets. 5. 1 Business Level Strategies One business level strategies can HTC can consider is: * Porters Generic Strategies By looking at this model, we can identify two possible options available to HTC. Either aim for Cost Leadership or Differentiation since HTC exists in the global market. Due to the intense competition and increasing demand for smartphones, HTC could make its smartphones more affordable by lowering their price through producing at a lower cost. If HTC could lower their cost of production though low labour cost by relocation to low cost sites, achieve economies of scale or having superior management who are able to generate greater efficiency then HTC can have a considerable competitive advantage since the cost of a smartphone is quite high. This strategy could also help offset some factors of the 5 force analysis such as weaken the threat of substitutes and make it more difficult for new firms to enter the industry. However, this strategy could lead to price wars between firms and also people might have the perception of low quality associated with low cost and could ruin the high quality innovative image of HTC although this would depend on how low the prices are cut by. Another option they could go for is a differentiation strategy. This strategy would mean that HTC would have change or add functions to its smartphones that would make it different from its competitors. This is a suitable strategy for HTC since they have a strong research and development function. Since rival smartphones such as the iphone and galaxy tab offer similar feature to HTC’s, they got add new functions. Some options might be to make it a more business orientated or a gaming and music oriented phone. The purchase of OnLive, a gaming company (Datamonitor, 2011) and also its newly acquired partnership with Beats Audio (HTC Corp, 2011) would help HTC take up this strategy and make HTC’s perception different from the rest. However, the main problem is high cost in production. If consumers become price sensitive or fail to see the difference, HTC could end up with major losses. 5. 2 Corporate level strategy One corporate level strategy HTC can consider is: * BCG Growth Share Matrix The BCG matrix enables a company to position their products based on their growth rates and relative market share. It enables HTC to look at which products are performing well and gives them an idea of where their resources should be properly allocated to as well as to make important decisions such as keeping or withdrawing their product. HTC should be able to categorize their products according concept. Stars are the products that have relatively high market share and also have a high growth rate. A product that would match this criterion would be the HTC Sensation XL with Beats Audio. These products would need constant investment in order to maintain their current market share (Business Tools amp; Templates, 2009). Cash cows are products have being in the market for some time and acquired a high market share but now experiencing low demand. HTC’s Desire HD would be a named cash cow. HTC can use the steady revenue coming from these products to use in other areas. Question marks are products that have low market share but a high growth rate. This would often be the case if the company neglects a product due to being overshadowed by another popular product. Though growth is high, not enough resources are used on it to build it to become a star. HTC’s Titan would be seen as a question mark (HTC Corp, 2011). Dogs are products which are on the decline and have low share market and low growth due to new superior products introduced by the company. These products would be viewed as draining money where the company can use on question marks and stars. The company must decide whether it is beneficial to keep producing them or scrap them off. HTC’s Desire would be a Dog since many new and improved versions of the Desire has been launched into the market. After identifying where their products lie on the matrix, the company must choose a suitable strategy for the product (Drummond amp; Ensor, 2001). They could choose to: * Build – This is where the company might reduce its prices or offer better promotion in order to build its market share. This strategy might incur a loss in the short run but would give better profits in the long run. This strategy would be suitable for Question marks. * Hold – This strategy is good for Cash Cows where they try to maintain the current market share of the product possibly by offering product extensions. * Harvest – This strategy involves raising prices in order to get a profit in the short run. If the company sees that a product has a relatively limited lifespan, then they could try to bring in as much revenue as possible. This is a good strategy for question marks. * Divest – This is when the company might stop production of a product due to it being unprofitable. Products in the Dog category may have this strategy used on them. 6. 0 Conclusion and Recommendation The Taiwanese manufacturer through its mission to become the world’s leading supplier of communication devices by providing value-added design with powerful Ramp;D influence have laid its mark on the market becoming the 5th largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world. However, many external issues such as political influences, economic changes, changing tastes and preference and also the intense competition in the market have affected the business practices of HTC. Due to this they are in need of a new strategy options to follow in the future. Between the two strategies that were formed, we a strong feeling towards following a differentiation strategy from porter’s generic forces. Consumer tastes and preferences are always changing as they look for something new and innovative. Rather than fight amongst massive companies such as Samsung and Apple who offer similar products, HTC would benefit in the long run by making their smartphone much different than the rest.

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Poetry from other cultures Essay Example

Poetry from other cultures Paper Compare and contrast the notions of culture and identify in Half-caste by John Agard and Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan by Moniza Alvi. The poems I have chosen to analyse are Half-Caste by John Agard and Presents from my aunts in Pakistan by Moniza Alvi. I have decided to focus on these poems because I believe they project strong messages and discuss the issues of identities and mixed race. Furthermore, both poems are autobiographical and the poets are from different cultures to each other. As readers, it is very interesting to understand their different views about mixed race backgrounds as we are from a different culture to them. John Agard is a respected Caribbean poet who has won the Paul Hamlyn Award in 1997. On the other hand, Moniza Alvi was born in Pakistan and has achieved the Poetry Business Prize in 1991. Both poets confess the difficulties of living in different cultures and not knowing their fixed nationality. John Agard was born on 21 June 1949 in Guyana. His mother was white and Portuguese but his father was a black Englishman, therefore making him half-caste. He began to write poems at the age of sixteen and many were published in the school magazine. In the 1970s he moved to England where he not only progressed to become a literary poet but also moved on to develop into a performing poet. From there, he has travelled significantly performing his consequential poetry. In his poem Half-Caste, Agard has accepted the fact that he is half-caste but he is very concerned about the term. He uses various everyday objects and famous people to aid him in giving his views about the term. We will write a custom essay sample on Poetry from other cultures specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Poetry from other cultures specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Poetry from other cultures specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Half-Caste is an interesting title to use. It is a one word phrase, short and simple. What is more, it is direct and refers to what the poem is going to be related to. Agard begins the poem by capturing our attention and describing the image of a half-caste person. Excuse me standing on one leg Im half-caste Firstly, he says Excuse me, as it is a polite way to ask us to accept him as he is half-caste. He then continues to describe a bizarre image of a person who is standing on one leg as he is like half a person. He does this as he is ridiculing the term half-caste in order for the readers to understand Agards interpretation of the phrase. The beginning of the second stanza is asking us to give our explanation of the term half-caste. Explain yuself wha yu mean when yu say half-caste He asks the readers this question as a first attempt togain our justification of half-caste. This question is repeated three more times in the poem as he emphasises the fact that he wants an answer. Next, Agard tells us how Picasso mixes different colours to create his works of art. when Picasso mix red an green is a half-caste canvas He has chosen to use Picasso as an example for his meaning of half-caste because he is a well-respected and famous artist who is familiar to most people. He is saying that if Picasso combines dissimilar colours together, does that mean he has produced a half-caste canvas? Obviously, the answer is no and therefore in Agards opinion this shows how ludicrous the term half-caste is. Following the previous example, Agard illustrates the weather in England as an image of the idiom of half-caste. when light an shadow mix in de sky is a half-caste weather In this example england weather is mostly half-caste weather as ir is usually quite clear and bright but cloudy at the same time, which is almost like two different types of weather merged together. This is ironic example for the readers to establish his connotation of half-caste. Subsequently, Agard demonstrates how the weather in England is half-caste. some o dem cloud half-caste till dem overcast so spiteful dem dont want de sun pass This quote uses personification as it is saying that the clouds are malicious and wont let the sun pass. Effectively, this suggests that people who use the phrase half-caste dont know how it feels and it can frequently cause offense. Moving on, Tchaikovsky is another famous person who is used to depict Agards conception of half-caste. In this example, he is describing how Tchaikovsky composes his symphonies. mix a black key wid a white key is a half-caste symphony Here, Agard is referring specifically and directly to different races. He us comparing different skin colours to different coloured objects. Tchaikovsky was presumably chosen for the same reasons as Picasso as this example is very similar to his. He has selected famous people to explain his views of half-caste as they are well-known and revered. In the third stanza, Agard is describing how he feels when communicating with people who call him half-caste. Ah listening to yu wid de keen half of mih ear. Ah looking at yu wid de keen half of mih eye Clearly, no one can have half an ear or half an eye but this shows that Agard feels he has divided body parts because he is called half-caste. In addition to this, Agard still feels he is like half a person in his subconscious as well as when he is awake. at night I close half-a-eye consequently when I dream I dream half a dream He says this to emphasise the fact that he feels he has half a body hence, only undertaking half of everyday activities such as being able to offer yu half-a-hand which is a nonsensical suggestion. Subsequently, Agard declares the fact that he is of mixed race and states his identity. I half-caste human being I believe that in this line, Agard is admitting and accepting that he is half-caste and is acknowledging his identity. However, the next line shows us that he still feels he is like half a person as he cast half-a-shadow Towards the end of the stanza, Agard compares whole people to himself. de whole of yu eye an de whole of yu ear an de whole of yu mind This shows us that Agard wants people to be fully looking, hearing and understanding him as he demands previously:- yu must come back tomorrow Agard explains his demand in the last stanza which is like the first stanza, only three lines long. an I will tell yu de other half of my story This has occurred as he feels he cant express his point across at one time and so needs to break it into two smaller sections for those people to understand him. Unmistakably, this is indeed very poignant and sad. To conclude, Agard has written a well-mannered, expressive poem of his views of the term half-caste although it is very outspoken and quite satirical. The poem is written in four stanzas of varying length. The breaks between the stanzas force us to think and reflect on what weve just read. There is no regular rhyme scheme although quite a few lines rhyme in the poem. The first stanza is written in standard English but the others are written in a Caribbean dialect. This is because it makes the reader feel they are talking like the poet. There is no punctuation and most of the poem is written in lower case. This is to show that he is breaking the rules of what people feel is important as he feels he is breaking the rules by existing. An example of this is the capital t for Tchaikovsky, the famous Russian composer. This poem is very effective and after reading it, it has made me think about using the term half-caste more carfully. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE John Agard: Half-Caste section. Download this essay Print Save Heres what a teacher thought of this essay 3 star(s)

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How to Write a Statistical Report (with 5 Real-Life Examples)

How to Write a Statistical Report (with 5 Reals) While Luxembourgian economy is relatively small with the total GDP estimating around $58 billion as of 2015, it is characterized by a very high level of incomes and living standards. Effective communication is a key to success at any modern work environment. The opening phrase of the article is an example of the Statistics class homework writing assignment. Would you like to learn how to write a statistical report? It is important to develop adequate statistical skills supported by the knowledge of the subject, reading, research, and solid writing skills. The post includes valuable tips on how to do a statistical analysis report of a winner. BUY A+ STATISTICAL REPORT HERE Statistics is a complex subject. Make your way through by purchasing cheap homework solutions online from the web’s top experienced academic writers! It is time to learn how to do a statistical analysis report. How to Write a Statistical Report: Prologue Do not hurry up to understand how to write a statistics report – learn what the term means. Everyone knows Statistics is a complex academic discipline, which involves a plenty of calculations and interpretations of large data sets. It is a scientific term. Read more about statistics in different aspects of life here. We will start explaining how to write a statistical report with the structure and organization of this type of academic/business assignment. The Process of Writing a Statistical Data Analysis Report Example A 200-word abstract is a perfect way to start many academic papers. This piece of writing contains a summary of the entire text, highlighted major points, target audience, and goals of the project. From this point, move smoothly to the introduction with the clear explanation of why the writer has chosen the specific topic. The body of such project is different from other academic assignments. The writer must list and describe the chosen research methods and findings based on the obtained data. Why can it be harder? It takes more time efforts than several body paragraphs with the corresponding number of arguments along with the supportive evidence. The last stage is the same in any type of academic writing: a conclusion. The examples of topics to let the students realize how to write a statistical report are given in the article: Norway is the most prosperous economies in Europe based on research A vaccine ABC to fight cancer effectively requires more time – data collected by one of the most influential American Healthcare Organizations The recent invention in the field of biotechnology is not effective Time-tested tools to fix problems with slow Windows – comparison of the outcomes with the analogical software running on Mac OS X The impact of depressions on the children aged 14-16 These papers require statistics and facts. There is no way to understand how to do a statistical analysis report without recognizing the importance of correct formatting. Do it in the next section! GET YOUR HOMEWORK FROM EXPERT How to Do a Statistical Analysis Report: The Role of Formatting How to do a statistical analysis report regarding formatting? In most cases, the students face the formatting approaches listed below: APA Chicago Harvard IEEE ASA ACS It all depends on the area of study. While Psychology teachers prefer assigning essays to be written in APA, Sociology tutors recommend using ASA. The students can read writing style manuals available online. If the student were not involved in statistical report writing before, he/she would benefit from having a look at the valuable online examples of different similar papers to use as the good templates. Without this information, the student won’t learn how to write a statistical report properly. Ask the teacher about the format in case he forgets to five one. In addition to online databases of papers, the students may attend school or college library, which contains at least one great example left from the previous educational years. Smart students share their works to support newer generations. Mind that you have no right to copy the information from the selected example: plagiarism results in F grade. The most recommended format is shown below. Make single-inch margins around the sides of the page; watch out when attaching components like charts, tables, and graphs to the project. Leave a 1.5-inch margin on the left-hand side. Do it in case you plan to put the project into a folder/binder. Unlike other homework writing assignments (essays, research papers), this type of task does not require a double-spaced format. Do not forget about the headers! They should specify the number of pages, brief version of the title, author’s name, and some other details reminding the person what he/she is reading. The last thing left to do to learn how to do a statistical analysis report is to analyze the most common mistakes Statistics students make. Example of Statistical Analysis Report Mistakes: Don’t Be Fooled! We have discussed how to write a statistical analysis report of A-level; never forget to check the finished papers to detect possible mistakes. Those could be small, insignificant typos, which will not influence the final grade; those could be serious failures (grammar, word choice, etc.) Read the finished paper to find the following issues: Incomplete or incorrect punctuation Grammar errors Spelling mistakes Incorrect font Wrong paragraph/line breaks Missing words/phrases Incorrect amounts in tables graphs Is there nothing to fix? The absence of technical mistakes does not mean the author cannot find a better way to express certain things. Leave your final draft away. Come back to the essay in a few days to read it with a fresh look and rested the eye; fix any parts you believe sound ridiculous or can be improved. Writing statistical reports is a time-consuming process, which requires in-depth knowledge of the studied subject, writing research skills, ability to assume and analyze things competitively. Where Can I Get Another Good Statistical Analysis Report Example? Congratulations – now you know how to do a statistical analysis report, it's goals, formatting, and the mistakes to avoid during the process. Need more information? To learn how to write a statistical report in more details, grab some good examples online. Students who are more interested in obtaining professional help instead of learning how to write a statistical report should remember about the opportunity to order a custom research paper from the professional essayists at our website!

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Dangerous and Natural Energy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Dangerous and Natural Energy - Essay Example According to the earthquake patterns in the USGS interactive map, it is evident that most of the seismic hazard areas in the United States are distributed along the Pacific Coast from the North Western states such as the coast of Washington, Oregon, and California, as well as in the regions of Alaska and Hawaii. Generally, the USGS interactive map suggests that earthquakes are mostly concentrated along the shorelines of California and the seismic activity gradually reduces towards the South (Frankel and Barnhard, 1996). I live in Texas, a region that is largely indicated by color white. This means that my home region is one of the areas with the least seismic hazard risk according to the information provided by the USGS interactive map. When matched against a scale of % seismic activity, the region around my home is indicated as having between 0% to 4% seismic activity and therefore, one of the least seismic hazardous areas in the United States. Upon visiting the interactive map that shows the latest data regarding the global seismic activity for the last 7 days, I have also noted that my home region has not experienced any seismic activity within the last week. From the information available in the interactive map that shows the latest data regarding the global seismic activity for the last 7 days, it is evident that most of the earthquake-prone areas of the world are found along the Pacific coasts as well as on some islands within the Pacific Ocean. These areas have formed an almost circular oceanic belt of seismic hazard areas which is popularly known as the Pacific Ring of Fire. The region that I clicked was Maharashtra, India (17.29 0 N, 73.56 0 E), and the latest seismic magnitude of the area was 4.3. According to the interactive global earthquake data map, this seismic activity was recorded on Saturday, April, 14.